Great products, excellent quality, and outstanding prices - this is what you can expect from Duncan Exxon Service Center. Here, you can purchase all of your car care products, maintenance supplies, and auto parts. Our services and in-store offerings - designed to keep your vehicles and motorized machines in proper working condition - include:

Auto Advice
At Duncan Exxon Service Center, we offer the best auto advice to help you prolong the life of your vehicle. We will give you full explanations of what is really involved in making your own repairs. We will also provide information on auto safety issues and different auto parts.

Help Finding Parts
Finding the right part for your vehicle is no easy task, but at Duncan Exxon Service Center we have ASE parts specialists who will assist you in finding the appropriate part for your vehicle. Call or visit our shop in Burlington, NC 27215 today.

Vehicle and Component Specifications
At Duncan Exxon Service Center, we offer vehicle and component specifications for those who want to do their auto repairs themselves. Contact the auto parts specialists at Duncan Exxon Service Center, for your vehicle and component specifications needs.

To check if we have a part in-stock, please call 336-226-8044.